HIFIMAN RE300a Black InLine Control Earphone for Android

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Color:Black  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging In the tradition of proud HIFIMAN high performance, RE300a sounds wonderful and is easy to use and easy to drive. Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort and extended long listening. Higher resolution, perfect details and easily driven. Despite its modest price, RE300a delivers great sound bringing out all that your music has to offer. Stylish design and light weight, for music lovers on to go, wherever you go. Consumer Alert: For Your Protection HIFIMAN products are sold through carefully selected, authorized retail partners to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and service. HIFIMAN products not sold by us, or one of our authorized partners, cannot be verified as authentic and will not receive the HIFIMAN manufacturer’s warranty or factory service. Before purchasing, please verify that you are dealing with an authorized HIFIMAN retail partner. You can do that by checking our official website. Help us help you.



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