HIFIMAN RE400a In-Line Control Earphone for Android

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The HIFIMAN RE400a is a high performance in-ear phone that features a 8.5mm coated Titanium driver custom designed and manufactured by HIFIMAN. Convenient hands-free design allows you to talk on your Android-based device clearly and safely at your home, office or on the road. Superb fit and comfort in a compact size. Enjoy for hours on end. Utilizes special Titanium coatings for remarkable detail and extended frequency response. The addition of Neodymium magnets and premium cabling of Oxygen-Free Copper on RE400a helps deliver all the music as it was originally intended. Consumer Alert: For Your Protection HIFIMAN products are sold through carefully selected, authorized retail partners to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and service. HIFIMAN products not sold by us, or one of our authorized partners, cannot be verified as authentic and will not receive the HIFIMAN manufacturer’s warranty or factory service. Before purchasing, please verify that you are dealing with an authorized HIFIMAN retail partner. You can do that by checking our official website. Help us help you.



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