Honeywell Intrusion 3GL

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The 3GL Cellular Communicator is Honeywells newest cell module for L5200 and L7000 control panels. It is in fact newer than the discontinued 4GL module. Honeywell renamed this version as 3GL in order to more accurately describe the products average performance. Honeywells IntelliPath Series communicators provide seamless, reliable coverage by automatically choosing the best signal in the area (whether 2G, 3G or 4G) and selfadjusting as necessary. The following wireless communication protocols are supported: HSPA Plus (4G ) HSPA (HSDPA and HSUPA) (3G) EDGE (2G) GPRS (2G) This groundbreaking communications solution offers full data reporting and uploading/downloading with most Honeywell control panels. In addition, with onboard zone inputs and optional dialer capture capability, were compatible with other manufacturers security panels as well. Honeywell communication products and control panels combine to make installations faster and easier. All signals are delivered to Honeywells AlarmNet Network Control Center, which routes the information to the appropriate central station. The stateoftheart AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7. AlarmNet has the ability to route messages using AlarmNeti and 800 PLUS services, providing true redundancy and multipath message delivery.



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