Jamo 6.5CS in Ceiling Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker, Pair, Round

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The 6. 5CS is a 2way in ceiling speaker, part of the popular contractor series, consisting of versatile quality speakers at highly competitive prices. It offers great all-round qualities and is the ideal choice where ever background music is desired. The paintable grille allows the 6. 5CS to blend invisibly with its surroundings. A polypropylene woofer and mylar tweeter make this speaker applicable for occasionally damp areas, such as garages. Features 2way in wall LCR speaker 1inch titanium dome tweeter, two 51/2inch Kevlar woofers paintable magnetic grille ideal for multirotor stereo, home theater applications additional information this speaker is recommended for larger rooms or those with high ceilings. The 6. 5CS delivers the rich bass from polypropylene woofer and crystal clear reproduction of high frequencies from the tweeter. The jam 6. 5CS in ceiling loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features: The Mylar tweeter is moisture resistant, for use in damp areas, such as garages a paintable frame and grille to blend invisibly in any room polypropylene woofer for exceptional performance at all frequencies the 6. 5CS is ideal for areas where dampness may be a factor, such as garages or basements.



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