KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Car Smart Key Fob Clicker for Cadillac SRX NBG009768T (Pack of 2)

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KeylessOption is a quick, easy and affordable way to replace your keyless entry remote control car key fob. Replacement keyless entry remote smart car key fob with uncut blank valet insert key included DIY step by step programming instructions included. Must have 1 working remote to add new remotes, if you do not have any working remotes this will require dealer or locksmith programming Please enter your year make model into the parts finder to verify this item is compatible. Please match the ‘NBG009768T’ FCC ID from the original remote to confirm this part is compatible. Vehicle must be equipped with the smart key push to start system; Original remote must look the same as this new remote. Please make sure original remote has the same style high security push out insert blade as well Programming instructions (these can be used to add additional remotes, 1 working remote is required for this procedure) NOTE: Switch ignition OFF 1. Place all programmed remote transmitters within in the cup holder 2. Insert key of the unrecognized remote transmitter into driver’s door lock 3. Turn key to unlock position 5 times within 10 seconds (Driver’s information center will display READY TO LEARN ELECTRONIC KEY #2, 3, or 4) 4. Place the new, unrecognized remote transmitter into the center console remote transmitter pocket with remote transmitter button facing down and key ring at the rear 5. Press and release the ignition switch. Driver’s information center will display READY FOR FOB X 6. Remove remote transmitter from remote transmitter pocket and press remote transmitter UNLOCK button 7. Repeat above procedure starting with placing the next unrecognized remote transmitter into the remote transmitter pocket until all remote transmitters have been programmed NOTE: To exit programming mode press the OFF/ACC button (ignition switch) for 15 seconds.



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