Konica Minolta AF Zoom 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 SLR Lens Maxxum SLR Cameras

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Product Description Zoom Lens for Minolta SLR cameras with Auto-Focus compatibility The Minolta AF 75-300mm lens is ideal for sports, portraiture, birding, and more. It features a continuous macro setting that offers accurate focus from infinity to 4.9 feet and a 4x zoom ratio. It includes a new distance-encoding device that enables improved calculation for flash exposure with Maxxum 5 and 7 cameras when used with Konica Minolta 3600HS D and 5600HS D flashes. The Minolta Maxxum Autofocus Lens System is one of the world’s most complete lens systems, covering every kind of lens from wide angle, telephoto, and wide-range zooms to large-aperture, reflex, and soft-focus types. Only Minolta Maxxum AF lenses are expressly made to link perfectly with your Minolta Maxxum AF SLR. Every Maxxum AF lens locks into your Minolta camera to form an integrated unit that allows focus and exposure data to flow from the lens’ read-only memory (ROM) integrated circuit to the camera’s central processing unit. Each Maxxum AF lens is a product of Minolta’s advanced computer-assisted optical design. Minolta is one of the few camera makers to insist on making its own optical glass.



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