LandAirSea 1515 Magnetic Wireless Pocket-Sized Tracking Key ll GPS System

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Size:New – For MAC & PC While keeping the classic look and monthly-fee-free concept in tact, the 2015 release of Tracking Key ll delivers massive performance component upgrades and LandAirSea’s new Flashback software. The highly anticipated launch of Flashback opens a door to Mac & PC users alike with an innovative new cloud-based solution for managing logged GPS Tracking data. Tracking Key ll is a water resistant, magnet mount equipped GPS Vehicle Tracking device lending itself to placement inside or outside (exterior) of a vehicle. requires 2 AA batteries to power the device which, once powered and placed, records the entire movement history of a vehicle to it’s 100+ hour capacity internal flash drive. Analyzing recorded data is as simple as retrieving the device and importing files directly to the Flashback cloud (USB cable included) where it is stored for 2 weeks and accessible on-demand via LandAirSea password protected online user account. Who needs this? Tracking Key ll is an essential tool for parents in reviewing teen driver behavior, business owners/ supervisors with an eye on field staff accountability and enhanced customer service, and outdoor enthusiasts interested in documenting an adventurous route traveled by Land, Air or Sea. What Else? • Featured on hit TV series’ Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, and I Want That! • Cloud based software • Historical route playback feature re-animates routes traveled over a digital street • Selectable satellite, traditional road map, and/or 3D split screen views • Second-to-second speed capture • On demand stop(s) reports detailing timestamped stop durations and physical addresses • 1 year manufacturer warranty



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