Lorex FXC33V 2K 4MP Outdoor Wi-Fi Bullet Security Camera HD Ultra Wide Angle

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This WiFi security camera is designed to work seamlessly with our cutting-edge Lorex Secure app. This app will let you see live video whenever you want from your smartphone or tablet. Other features, such as our exclusive RapidRecap feature, easy-to-read event timelines, and instant push notifications for motion and sound events will help you monitor smarter and keep you up-to-date of any activity on your property. – HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology ensures that you capture the most important details, even in high-contrast lighting conditions. Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video. HDR technology uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture’s brightness, so you can see details in both the dark and bright areas on the video. – A massive 155 degrees ultra wide field of view provides you with more security coverage. Not only does this give you a better chance to capture evidence, it can help with earlier detections, which will give you more time to react if necessary. – A built-in speaker and microphone allows for crystal-clear two-way communication. This allows you to use your phone or tablet to speak with anyone at the other end of the camera. It also adds another dimension to your security coverage by providing valuable details (such as voices) should an incident occur. – Included with this WiFi camera is a 16 gigabyte memory card. This means that you have three recording options – you can store footage locally, in the cloud, or both. Thankfully, a included FLIR Cloud subscription comes with two-days of cloud recording. This ensures you will always have at least two days of footage locally and in the cloud for added insurance.



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