MATECam 808 1080P Keychain Camera Motion Activated Portable DV Sport Action Camera

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Mate 808 keychain camera is the newest and most advanced mini camera on the market.  It looks like a car remote.You can easily use it as a video cam or FPV camera. Some people actually reportedly use it on a drone due to its small size. Or use it as a car dash cam upon demand. In addition to using it with a TV monitor or as a web cam, it has three modes by itself: manual record, photo camera, and motion detection video. How do you set the tiny camera to motion detection mode? In the standby mode, pressing the button once (yellow light blinks once) will enter the picture taking mode. Pressing the power button once more (yellow light blinks once) will enter the motion detection mode. If motion is detected, video will start recording. Press the power button once more will return to video recording mode. High resolution Good video Audio quality 1920X1080 30FPS, AVI SUPPORTS UP TO 32GB SD MEMORY CARD (NO memory card INCLUDED).  THE LONGEST RECORDING PERIOD AMONG KEYCHAIN CAMERAS(about 1 hour), High capacity polymer li-thion Battery 250mA, it can recording 60 mins,and it’s changeable. with Battery Charger Manage IC On the card, there is file called TAG.txt with date/time and recording settings that you can adjust. You change the top portion of the file only.  Stamp Mode: Time on /off Power on_record: on /off auto_power off: on /off recording_indicator: on /off Rotate Photos 180: on /off Loop recording: on /off Video size: 1920*1080 or 1280*720 SUPER THIN – LIGHTWEIGHT & DISCREET! Size:2 x 1.3 x 0.6 inches  Weight: 20g What’s in the Package?  1 x MATECam 808 camera 1 x USB cable 1 x user manual



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