MMR-77 Hand Crank Emergency AM/FM Portable Radio

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Seeking news during an emergency, camping in an unknown area or justlooking for some helpful information during a crisis the Sangean MMR-77 is athand reach when you need it.This multi-powered, multi-purpose radio not only offers reliable, outstandingperformance during emergencies but is a fine quality, high performanceAM/FM radio simple to use and tune. The dynamo can be wound in eitherdirection making it simple to operate whether your right handed or left handed.The dynamo is cylindrical in shape making it easy to hold while cranking. Afew minutes of cranking will bring hours of listening pleasure.Don’t be misled by the compact size of the MMR-77. In addition to its highperformance dynamo this emergency radio has quite a sensitive and selectiveAM/FM receiver offering drift free reception and clear and noise free audioquality and it makes a dandy all around portable radio.In addition to the emergency dynamo, theMMR-77 can be powered by a set of ‘AA’batteries or an external 3V power adapter(not included). In addition to the poweroptions, it also provides many extrafeatures, such as an emergency light andan emergency siren.Sleep a little easier knowing that yourSangean MMR-77 Emergency Radio isthere for you during any power outage oremergency.



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