Night Owl AHD10-841-B 8 Channel Smart HD Video Security System with 1 TB HDD & 4 x 1080p HD Cameras, White

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Product Description Introducing Night Owl’s High Definition Security System with 1080p resolution cameras and smart device integration. Modern High Definition technology provides enhanced image quality both night and day. Smart device integration allows you to easily view your cameras anywhere in the world from the palm of your hands. Includes pre-installed 1 TB Sata hard drive. From the Manufacturer 1080p Resolution High Definition Technology has taken Analog Security Systems to a whole new level. 1080p resolution has more pixels than old fashioned analog systems for a clearer and crisper image. Motion Detection Grid Record only when necessary! Set the motion detection areas of each camera to monitor those zones that are most important. Receive alerts for your customized zones to your smart device. Night Vision Night Owl’s Infrared Cameras provide up to 100 Ft. of Night Vision. During the day, your camera will display in full color mode. At night, it will enter black and white mode and continue recording in 1080p resolution. Wide Viewing Angle These wide-angle cameras provide a 70° field of view with picture perfect 16:9 wide angle viewing. Monitor larger and distant areas with ease and precision. Use indoors and outdoors. Hard Wired Security System Our PIR system is a hardwired security system that offers invaluable peace of mind. Record uninterrupted and with no delays while enjoying high resolution video. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Innovative, Quality, Affordable How did you come up with the idea for this product? Night Owl originated from a desire to provide customers with an easy to use, cost effective, and high quality product. We believe that everyone should be able to secure what matters most to them. Whether for your home or business, Night Owl offers state-of-the-art technology that will help give you peace of mind, all the time. What makes your product special? While our systems are set to motion record by default, we offer multiple recording options as we understand the needs of our customers are varied. As such, you may elect to set your cameras to 24/7 record or scheduled record should this be a necessity for your home or business. With more effective compression and quicker delivery over lower bitrates, you will be able to quickly access your recordings remotely. Night Owl offers multiple ways to monitor your cameras around the clock. Our free CMS software gives the user full control of their DVR’s and cameras on a PC or Mac. Easily playback past events, backup video to your computer’s hard drive, change settings, and view up to 128 cameras simultaneously. Turn your computer into a real-time security center in minutes! Monitor your home or business on a smart device with our exclusive and free Night Owl X app for iOS and Android devices. Easily connect to the app via Smart Auto Detection, which automatically detects devices on the same network. Playback video footage from multiple cameras and systems, save videos and images directly to your phone or tablet, and email, text, or share recordings via social media. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The most rewarding aspect of our company is being able to provide our customers with the security they deserve. Knowing our products help protect homes and businesses with innovative and affordable technology is rewarding as well as motivating. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and understanding their needs. This has enabled us to become the #1 Wired Security Camera Brand in the U.S*. *Source: The NPD Group, Inc., Retail Tracking Service, U.S., Security & Monitoring, Camera Technology: excludes baby monitors, Wired Only, Based on dollar sales, Jan- Dec 2016



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