NYCE NCZ-3010-2-HA Door Hinge Sensor – 4, Satin Nickel Finish

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NYCE’s wireless Door Hinge Sensor combines the features of a Door Sensor and ZigBee (802.15.4) radio into a single standard ANSI hinge device.Packed with intelligent features, the Door Hinge Sensor expands your network’s possibilities – monitoring any type of door anywhere in the home – and all without any wires. For more information and product manuals visit: in the box:1. The hinge with ZigBee module attached.2. A pack of 4 installation screws.3. A pack of 2 set screws (Short & Long) with Hex key.Installation instructions:Phase 11. Open Network: Open up your controller’s ZigBee network.2. Connect sensor: Remove the battery tab on the back, as soon as it is removed, the sensor will automatically try to connect with the hub.3. Configure: Depending on your platform, configure the sensor.4. Test: Gently tap the lever trigger and check if your controller receive a ‘Closed’ or ‘Opened’ status.Phase 21. Mount and secure the hinge sensor to the door frame side, ensuring it is properly seated in the door frame recess.2. Mount and secure the hinge sensor to the door edge side, ensuring that it is properly seated in the door edge recess. May need to apply pressure to the door to bring it into alignment.Phase 31. Open and close the door and see if the hub receives the status update.2. If it does not, it is very likely that the hinge is too wide apart. Install the supplied shorter set screw (1/8′) to the set screw slot.3. If the shorter set screw does not work, try using the longer set screw (3/16′).4. If the longer set screw still does not work, replace it with a size 4:40 pan head, slotted or Philips machine screw at your desired length.This product is NOT yet certified by SmartThings. However, a working driver is already included in their Driver database. It will connect with SmartThings Hub.THIS IS NOT CONTROL4 VERSION.



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