OBCON Dual 12-Inch Chevy 1500 Crew Cab 2008 – 2011 Speaker Box With Labyrinth Power Port

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It is a known fact that in order to create a 50% increase in your sub bass system you would need to double the power. For example, if you are hitting 135 dB’s with an amp that produces 500 watts of RMS power, in order to hit 138 dB’s (50% louder) you would need 1000 watts of RMS power. Taking it one step further, to double your dB”s (increase of 6 dB) you would need an additional 2000 watts of RMS power. However, if you are looking to add bass to your car audio system, but don’t have the money to buy a new amp, you might want to consider upgrading your speaker box instead. Now you may be asking yourself how a simple subwoofer enclosure is going to achieve the same results as adding massive amounts of power? The short answer is by cutting a port hole in your sealed enclosure. With a sealed sub box you are hearing only half of what your subwoofer is producing. However, when you make access to the back side of your woofer via a port hole, the sound can increase up to double compared to designs where the woofer’s back side is sealed off. There is no greater example of this than the ‘Labyrinth Power Port” that Obcon Sub Bass incorporates into all of their specialty truck boxes. Without adding an ounce of power to your current system the ‘Labyrinth Power Port” proves to be an easy and effective alternative to upgrading your low end on a limited budget.



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