Philips LFH0888/00 Digital Voice Tracer 0882 with Docking Station/Leather Case

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PC + MAC Compatible: Digital Voice Tracer 882 – perfect for every recording need.Featuring 4 GB flash memory, the Philips Digital Voice Tracer 882 records up to 573 hours of data in 3 common MP3 mono formats (SP, LP, SLP) and 3 stereo formats (SHQ, HQ, PCM-CD quality). Unlike alternatives, this allows for a higher sampling rate and clearer recordings. Files are organized in four folders (99 files / folder) for easy retrieval and can be downloaded to PC via high speed USB 2.0. The USB can even power the device during long recordings without draining the battery. With MP3/WMA music playback, FM radio tuner and customizable equalizer, you can also play your favorite tunes. Functioning as a USB mass storage device, any type of file can be conveniently stored and shared on the device.Features clean buttons for ease of use and the largest display in the market to view all relevant information at a glance. The adjustable microphone sensitivity is perfect for both foreground and background recording and the large front speaker (30 mm) reproduces stunning quality playback. The voice activated recording option, automatically records only when sound is detected, and the index mark feature lets you mark a particular point in a recording or playback for easy retrieval. Recording monitor can be used to listen to the recording through headphones to ensure adequate record level. Other features include the ability to insert the date/time within file and the timer recording feature programs recordings in advance. File split/auto divide feature splits recordings into separate files making them much easier to find, edit and archive. The alarm feature schedules voice alarms to remind you of important meetings or events.Other features include slow and fast playback, LED record/playback, battery, and end of memory indicators.Includes an external stereo lapel microphone, stereo earphones, neck strap, USB cable, two rechargeable batteries ‘AAA’ and user manual.



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