Pioneer Bluetooth®-enabled wireless headphone of NFC featured SE-MJ561BT-S

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Product Description 1) Bluetooth-enabled devices and easy of and play music stored on NFC ※ 1 function mounted Bluetooth to corresponding smartphone / digital audio player (DAP) that can be connected, hands-free calling is easily enjoyed by the built-in microphone ※ 2 2) with high quality driver units of large diameter 40mm, all registers high quality playback good balance over the 3) high stylish design 4 of texture using the aluminum material) by other leather type material of the headband and ear pads, high wearing comfort – feel free to convenient when stored to such correspondence bag for easy charging and high-quality codec AAC ※ 3 by the micro USB cable of continuous communication and accessories up to 15 hours that can be used outdoors, and a pair of the swivel mechanism and equipment fold flat ring can be up to eight multi-pairing corresponding ※ 1 abbreviation of Near Field Communication (short-range communication). By bringing the NFC between devices, etc. are possible equipment connections and data communication. By inter-device connection, providing you with easy connection of Bluetooth devices. ※ 2 NFC: To take advantage of the (Near Field Communication Near Field Communication) function, you also must have NFC capabilities to the requirements of the connected device such as smart phones. ※ 3 terminal to be connected must also correspond to the AAC. ※ 4 communication distance is an estimate. May change the communication distance by the surrounding environment. ※ 5 This product uses radio waves in the 2.4 GHz band. Wireless devices that use the other the 2.4 GHz band, there are times when audio is interrupted by the interference such as a microwave oven. * Bluetooth word mark and logos, Bluetooth SIG, is a registered trademark Inc. owned, Pioneer Corporation, has received permission to use these trademarks.



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