Pocket Radar PR-1000 Classic Model All Purpose Handheld Speed Radar With Bushnell Powerview Binocular and Camera Case

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While radar guns are frequently associated with police offices, there are many other uses for the devices beyond catching you when you’re speeding. Radar guns can be used to accurately capture ball or puck speed in sports like baseball, tennis and hockey, so they’re useful in teaching athletes consistency. They can also be used to gage the speed of radio controlled cars and planes so hobbyists can ensure the engines of their models are tuned for maximum performance. People involved in community watch programs can use radar guns to gauge how many people are speeding in school zones and residential neighborhoods, as well. Pocket Radar’s PR1000 Personal Handheld Speed Radar is a highly portable and precisely calibrated personal radar gun that can give accurate speed measurements of objects around the size of an RC car or larger. The PR1000 is easy to use and it offers both single and continual speed measurements based on the length of time you depress its activation button. Additionally, it’s small size means it doesn’t take much power to operate. A single pair of AAA batteries offers enough energy to provide more than 10,000 readings. The PR1000 is not intended for use in ball sports like baseball or tennis, but it can provide speed measurements within +/- 1 MPH for larger objects.The Powerview 8 x 21 mm gives you a 7.2 degree viewing angle and a 378 ft field-of-view at 1000 yards with a center focusing system. The fold-down eye cups are paired with a 2.6 mm exit pupil size. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or glovebox, the Bushnell Powerview 8 x 21 mm Binocular will be with you anywhere you go.Bundle IncludesPocket Radar PR1000 Personal Handheld Speed RadarBushnell 8×21 Powerview Binocular (Camouflage, Clamshell Packaging)Standard Large Digital Camera Case



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