Portable Cassette,Bigaint Portable Cassette USB Tape Converter Tape to MP3 and U Disk

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With this cassette converter, you can easily convert your favorite cassette music into a digital MP3 format and store it in a USB flash drive without having to connect to a computer and install software. It is also the best choice for gift giving, quickly move your finger and add this cassette converter to your shopping cart! ! ! Function Description: – Independent operation, converting old cassette music to MP3 format without using a computer. – Automatically split each song in the cassette to one MP3 file. – Support for external audio – such as vintage record player – recording, can also be automatically split. – Plug and play. – Playback function, you can view the recorded music files directly from the device. – Two options for powering the battery or USB interface. – Portable design, easy to carry. – It can also be used as a personal cassette player. It can also be used as a normal MP3 player by plugging in a USB flash drive. Attention: 1. The USB Flash Drive must be FAT Format. 2. Please try to keep quiet, because the sound of environment may be recorded. 3. Some parts of old tapes may have some flaws, which may cause the recording process to stop and cannot generate a file. Please check the reason if you record some tape but failed. 4. The Playback function is to check whether the record is success and volume size. If you want to verify the MP3 effect, it is suggested to use computer or a MP3 player. Specification: Converter format:MP3 Power supply:2*AA Battery,USB port power supply(5V DC adapter,USB from PC) Working time:1 hour with 2*AA battery Audio Channel:Stereo L/R Bit rate:128Kbps Size:16*9.4*3.5cm Package included: 1 x Bigaint cassette tape to MP3 converter 1 x USB cable(for USB flash disk connection,USB power) 1 x Earphone 1 x User Manual



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