Premium 50-Feet 50-Amp Rv Extension Cord Trailer Motorhome Camper Power Supply Cable

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50 Feet 50 AMP RV Trailer Motorhome Camper Power Supply Extension Cord. We manufacture the finest, premium commercial grade RV and trailer cables.  We use the highest quality COPPER wire for a reliable conduction. You’ll have a full 50 Feet of length to make your connection a nice fit. Only Our RV Extension Cords Include ALL of the following: WIRE MATERIAL – High end pure 100% copper. RATING – This cable is rated STW, which means it is Service Grade, Thermoplastic, and Outdoor rated to resist wetness and sunlight. SPECS – 50 AMP, 125V-250V, 6/3+8/1 (inside cable has 3 wires that are 6 gauge and 1 wire that is 8 gauge). MALE PLUG END TYPE – 14-50P. FEMALE PLUG END TYPE – 14-50R. FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE – The wires are DOUBLE coated with a thick rubber-like insulation that offers flexibility but still won’t kink. Our cables are still flexible in cold weather! WEATHER RESISTANT – From the desert southwest and tropical South, to the cold northeast, Midwest, and Plains, big weather temperature variations will not affect our cables or clamps. One Year Guarantee against workmanship and defects.



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