Proteus DX DX – WiFi Door Sensor

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Proteus Wifi Door Sensor detects open/ close events for your Doors and windows. Simply connect to your WiFi, and enter your email address. Proteus Will send you alert notifications when the Door status changes. The Door Switch sensor connects to the base unit through a 25 ft cable that is included. This cable can be extended further if needed. This helps you place the base unit inside your home and run the switch to farther locations inside and outside your home, office, warehouses, etc. Why Proteus? • Proteus DX can be scheduled to work all day, or you can select specific times of day as well as days of week. Get alerts only when you want them. • We have the best user interface that makes it easy for just about any one to set it up. No need to be a computer or internet expert. • Our sensors come with local audible alerts, as well as email and text notifications to multiple contacts. Best of both worlds. • No need to install any Apps. Dont clutter your phone any more. Just use a web browser and it works from any device. Just like an app. • 802.11b/g WiFi provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network • Add as many emails or contacts as you need. Do not restrict alerts to just one email or phone like other sensors. • Got a question before purchase? During setup? Talk to us directly. We are here to help.



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