Revolution Imager for Telescope – Live Color Video Camera with Monitor

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Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging Astounding video technology now lets you see more through your telescope in real time! Our complete stand alone package fits any telescope and uses incredibly sensitive color video technology to let you see what you’ve been missing. Now from almost every light polluted backyard, with even a modest telescope you may already have, you can see Galaxies and Nebulae in color that were invisible to the unaided eye. This breakthrough Sony video imaging sensor is incorporated into a complete stand alone system that only requires your telescope a dark sky and a sense of wonder. Now you can see on the included 7′ color monitor the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy or the amazing red and blue colors in the Great Orion nebula. Within a few moments of use you will see why contributing editor of Sky & Telescope magazine Rod Mollise agrees ‘A Revolution in Imaging’ is coming, be sure to get your Revolution Imager today, the Universe awaits!



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