Rockville RDA4+8K Dual 4/8 AWG Car Multi-Amp Installation Wire Kit-True-Gauge

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style:4/8 Gauge The Rockville RDA4+8K high current dual amplifier installation kit makes use of Nickel plated components to offer corrosion resistance with great signal transfer.This kit guarantees that your amp will work way cooler and sound better as the cables are manufactured using the high quality copper raw materials and engineered with other specialized elements so that they transfer high current draws with low impedance.Eliminating trapped air in cables is one of the keys to making a great cable. Rockville uses a special manufacturing process to create the braided Super Flex cables. These cables remain extremely flexible, and have a reduced skin effect which helps them keep cool, and transfer power from battery to amplifier with minimal loses. What this means to you is a more efficient electrical system where your amplifiers wont be starving for power or current. You can expect longer service life from your amplifier, and increased audio performance.The 4+8 gauge amp dual kit will handle the biggest and most powerful amps on the market! Rockville included only premium accessories which mean more efficient electrical system. Your amplifiers won’t be starving for power or current as you will enjoy longer service life from your amplifier, and increased audio performance. The kit features 100% copper RCA interconnect cables to ensure a smooth signal from the amplifier to your head unit.Features:Nickel Plated For Corrosion ResistanceHigh Current Competition Class Dual Amp Kit3000 Watt System CapableDesigned To Enable Peak Performance100% Copper RCA Interconnect



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