Rockville RTB80A 8 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer Bass Tube + MP3 Input

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Size:8 inch Introducing the Rockville RTB80A Powered Subwoofer Tube. We at Rockville just had to manufacture a high quality powered bass tube. Growing up one of my best friends bought a car and it had a powered bass tube in it. The sound that it produced was just amazing and I will never forget it. Bass tubes push out some of the punchiest bass available. I personally love punchy bass that is deep and clean. Bass is an integral part of any good audio system, and the Rockville Bass Blaster amplified subwoofer tubes will add power and impact to your car audio system. The cylindrical shape of the enclosure helps focus the motion of the bass pressure so it maximizes that punchy output from both the woofers face and the tuned rear aero port. Strong deep bass will fire through your vehicle for astounding results.Since this is a powered bass tube, you get everything you need! This is your entire bass system. The built in power amplifier will push this tube to the max. The amp, sub and enclosure are perfectly tuned and matched to sound perfect together.As far as power is concerned the RTB80A is a powerhouse. The compact package features a high power 8” woofer and 400-Watt amplifier that will literally shoot deep bass waves throughout your car. You can fine-tune the subwoofer with the built-in electronic low pass crossover so that your subwoofer meshes perfectly with the rest of your audio system. The built-in bass equalizer allows you to set in the exact amount of bass boost of up to 18dB’s @ 45Hz for real ground pounding bass.Installation is a breeze! No need for building and wiring enclosures to amplifiers. Simply power, ground remote and send signal to the bass tube and you are ready to enjoy the most incredible bass you have ever heard.’Good things do come in small packages’ Rockville Bass Tubes will fit every vehicle without taking up valuable space and provide super low-end bass response.



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