Sena Tufftalk-01 Black Earmuff Bluetooth Communication and Intercom Headset

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Increase productivity while decreasing inefficiencies instant intercom communication allows for noiseless interactions for accurate end steady work flow talk freely with Bluetooth intercom over distance of 1.4 km (using the optional long antenna, default antenna range is 800 ), speaking openly end without interruption. The Tufftalk features Bluetooth 4.1 technology, allowing you communicate in crystal-clear HD audio. The high-quality speakers deliver audio that’s clear end precise in every condition thanks to Sena’s advanced noise control feature, ensuring the external noises won’t interfere with incoming end Outgoing audio. To provide as many communication solutions as possible, users also have the option to connect VI two-way radio. Providing powerful protection without sacrificing awareness the Tufftalk protects from damaging external noises, as well as keeping you aware of soundings using the ambient mode with the Tufftalk’s 25 dB audio attenuation, the headset helps to dull Loud, distracting noises for optimum comfort as well as providing the necessary protection from permanent damage to your hearing. Important external sounds can also be amplified using the ambient mode feature to increase the awareness of your surroundings and hear unexpected sounds or calls for help, while still protected through the 25 dB audio attenuation. For further Protection needs, the Tufftalk also comes in hard hat option for protective work environment.



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