Skar Audio Single 8 300W Dual 2 Ohm Loaded Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure | IX-1X8D2

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Size:Single 8′ D2 Sealed Enclosure Skar Audio introduces the IX-1X8D2 loaded 8′ sealed subwoofer enclosure as a compact and simple solution for introducing high quality, aftermarket bass – to your sound stage. This is the perfect solution for someone looking to add premium low end frequency response to a setup where either space or budget is limited. This enclosure was engineered by Skar Audio specifically for the subwoofer that is loaded in it, ensuring perfect sound and compatibility. Every subwoofer is different, and it is so critical when buying a subwoofer to ensure that the subwoofer and enclosure are an ideal match, or you will lose sound quality and output. With this loaded subwoofer enclosure model, all of those concerns are eliminated, making it easier than ever to add powerful aftermarket bass to your vehicle. In addition to sounding great, the enclosure also looks great, and is finished in a premium charcoal colored carpet. The subwoofer comes pre-wired and loaded inside of the enclosure allowing for an easy and hassle free installation. The dual 2 ohm subwoofer is wired up inside of the enclosure so that the final impedance load is configured for 1-ohm final load at the terminals. RMS Power: 150 Watts, Peak Power: 300 Watts.



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