Somfy Thermo Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS Sensor (9013708)

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With the Somfy Thermo Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS Sensor, you can program your motorized window coverings to automatically open and close based on room temperature and sunlight levels. When the sensor detects intense indoor heat and sunlight, it automatically lowers window coverings. When temperature and sun levels are low, window coverings are adjusted upward. This helps protect indoor furniture from damaging UV rays, and manages heat gain and loss in the room. Thresholds for both the sun and temperature functions can be set directly on the sensor. The temperature function serves as the main trigger, while the sun function is secondary. If the temperature is lower than your threshold, the sun function will be OFF. The sun function turns ON when the temperature is greater than your threshold, and is activated only when both your temperature and sunlight thresholds are exceeded for five minutes. When the sunlight threshold is exceeded for five minutes, the Thermo Sunis Sensor will move your window coverings into one of three selectable positions, chosen with the Mode button on the sensor. If the sun threshold is not reached for 30 minutes, the sensor will move your window coverings to the upper end limit in Modes 1 and 2, or to the ‘my’ position in Mode 3. SUN MODES: Mode 1: Window coverings move to the sensor’s location. Mode 2: Window coverings move to the favorite ‘my’ position. Mode 3: Window coverings move to the lower end limit. This sun sensor is compatible with all RTS motors and externally mounted RTS receivers. It installs in just seconds with the included suction cup, and can be mounted directly to either the window glass or window sill. CONTENTS: WireFree RTS Sensor, Suction Cup, Instructions.



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