Sonic Alert SS1200C-COMBO Wireless 3-Room Signaling System for Doorbell, Phone and Alarm Clock Notification

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Features : The Sonic Alert Sonic System is our complete home signaling solution, the Sonic System. The Sonic System will alert users to the doorbell, telephone, and alarm clock, it will also alert you in three different rooms to the doorbell and telephone. The SS1200C Sonic System includes the following: Sonic Boom SB1000 Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker- Waking up is easy, even for deep sleepers, with the Sonic Boom SB1000’s powerful bed shaker, light (through a connected lamp), and loud 98dB buzzer. Not only is it an alarm clock, but the SB1000 has a built-in receiver, so you can receive telephone/VP and door notifications even in your bedroom. DB200 Combination Doorbell/Telephone Signaler- Place the DB200 in a second location in your home, such as the living room or another bedroom, for door and telephone alerting. It has an outlet for plugging in a lamp that will flash when someone rings the doorbell or calls you. It even has different flashing patterns so you’ll know whether someone is ringing the front or rear doorbell. The signaler plugs into the telephone jack, so it does not draw power from the phone line. SA101 Remote Receiver FREE- The SA101 is a remote receiver that has an outlet for plugging in a lamp, and will alert to the doorbell and phone/VP. It is ideal for places where a lamp is not needed for room lighting, such as a hallway, because the lamp connected to the receiver may only be used for signaling. BL300 Strobe Receiver FREE- The BL300 is a remote receiver with built-in strobe flasher. Place it where you don’t need a lamp, such as the dining room, hallway or bathroom. With a strobe that’s 8x brighter than add-on strobe models, the BL300 can even be placed behind furniture. 5 Year Warranty



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