SONY Headphone Integrated Type Walkman NW-WS625 B (16GB) (Black)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Product features ★ Sports type Walkman active in a wider range of scenes that can also be used as Bluetooth headphones ● Both Bluetooth and memory are mounted on a lightweight body of about 32 g. ● Training while enjoying streaming distribution, YouTube / Internet radio, etc. connected with smartphone, saving music in built-in memory, it runs easily with this one. It is also a feature of built-in memory that you can listen to music when swimming. ◆ Seawater compatible / dustproof / toughness specification with cold-proof performance. ● Enjoy yourself with various sports scenes ● In addition to high waterproof performance equivalent to IPX 5/8 waterproof protection grade, seawater (salt water) correspondence and dustproof protection grade IP 6X are realized. Running in the rain, swimming in the pool, you can enjoy your favorite music on the sea and the sandy beach. ◆ Equipped with ‘external sound capture function’ to make it easy to hear ambient sounds and human voice ● A built-in microphone built in the left and right headphones, it has a function to capture environmental sounds and human voice. ● It is convenient when you want to safely do running on the side of the road or want to communicate with people around you. ● Since the external sound capture function is switched ON / OFF, you can use it properly when you want to focus and when you want to listen to external sounds. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge



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