Speaker Wire 14 GA 250 Feet Red Black Stranded Copper Clad Home Audio Sound

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Audiopipe 2 Conductor Speaker Wire 14 Gauge – 250ft Wire Red/Black Jacket Copper Clad Aluminum Conductors Insulated and Jacketed in PVC with very good flexibility. Use this wire to connect speakers to your stereo or home theater receiver. Use this with any 12 Volt or home project. Rated 20 C to 60 C (6 to 80 Volts) ADVANTAGE OF CCA (COPPER CLAD ALUMINUM) – Here are the facts about CCA vs Oxygen Free Copper. CCA wire offers the same signal frequency and reliability in terms of corrosion resistance to copper wire. The advantage of the CCA speaker wire is lighter and more flexible than copper wire. The cost of CCA vs Oxygen free copper is much lower and you can enjoy the same functions and reliability as copper wire without paying the extra cost for the installation. The cable is made of CCA Copper Clad Aluminum, ensuring high fidelity sound quality and providing maximum’s conductivity and durability without paying the additional cost. The product go through many states of testing to ensure the highest performance and reliability of the products.



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