Spirit Box SB11 Ghost Hunting Equipment Radio Sweep Ghost Box

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The PSB11 has again and again been used on paranormal TV shows and on investigations and have created remarkable EVPs that relates to the investigated site. It sweeps Radio Frequencies much faster than other Ghost Boxes. The white noise and the fast scanning of radio frequencies is believed to provide the energy and transmission that spirits need to get their voices through to us. Be sure to have a Voice Recorder next to your Spirit Box so that you can listen to the captured transmission later. You never know when something of high interest will come through. You can choose between AM or FM Sweep or run both at the same time. Running AM and FM at the same time is often reported to create clearer EVP transmissions. You can also choose either Forward or Reverse Sweep and which Rate of Sweep you want. The SB11 offers faster Sweep Rates than other Spirit Boxes and this is one of the reasons it has a higher probability of creating even more and clearer EVPs. One can also turn the adjust the use of the antenna and turn it off. Turning it off reduces the possibility to pick up radio stations and confuse that with real EVPs. The SB11 also features Temperature Detection Deviation to – or + 5 degrees F. Sudden dr ops in temperature is believed to back up possible paranormal activity occuring. Also convenient is the built in Red Led Flashlight. It is night vision friendly and will have minimum interference with capturing video and photos during the investigation. It also has Dual Simultaneous Audio Outputs so that one can do dual sweeps simultaneously or on just one side if one wants and one can choose to do so in either FM or AM.



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