Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Real Time GPS Slap & Track Deluxe Kit 75+ D

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ACCURATE TRACKING WITH REAL-TIME RESULTS Live Tracking Anywhere Are you looking for a reliable GPS device to keep track of people, vehicles or luggage? Then Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Pro is just what you need! It uses cutting-edge 3G technology to provide quick location results up to an accuracy of 8 inches; the best there is in the industry. It transmits the target’s position every 20 feet when walking or every 10 seconds if driving, with instant Google satellite and street view maps showing you every stop or turn anywhere in the world. Hard to Detect Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Pro is one of the smallest spy tracking devices around; with dimensions of just 2.28”W x 3.9”L x 0.90”D (excluding case). So you can easily place it in the glove compartment, under the seat, or in some luggage without anyone noticing. You can also use the included weatherproof magnetic Pelican case to attach the GPS homing device under any vehicle using an ultra-strong magnetic force of 80lb. Here’s why Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Pro is the number one choice of professionals: – Unlimited speed and geo-fencing alerts via SMS or email. – Extended motion activated battery life transmitting up to 100 hours of movement. – 90-day historical playback with up to 12 months of data available on request. – Sensitive GPS technology that works indoors and in covered terrain. – No contract required with just a $39.95 monthly fee in USA and Canada. (Outside USA $49.95/mo) Count on Spy Hawk TURBO PRO Pro to monitor the location of any vehicle, person or asset with complete anonymity and unmatched accuracy. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee!



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