Taramps HD 3000 2 Ohms Class D Full Range Mono Amplifier

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Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging Taramp’s is one of the leading brands in car audio in the world. The HD Series amps are their best-selling models. They are famous for being excellent with bass as well as with voice. Technical Specs: Operation Class: D Number of Channels: 01 Maximum Power: @ 13.8 VDC – 2 OHMS: 3575W RMS @ 13.8 VDC – 4 OHMS: 2355W RMS @ 13.8 VDC – 8 OHMS: 1365W RMS @ 12.6 VDC – 2 OHMS: 3000W RMS @ 12.6 VDC – 4 OHMS: 2025W RMS @ 12.6 VDC – 8 OHMS: 1140W RMS Input Sensitivity: 230mV Signal to Noise Ratio: > 89dB Frequency Response: (Full Range): 10Hz to 20KHz Crossover High Pass (HPF): Variable: 10Hz to 80Hz (-12dB / 8th) Crossover Low Pass (LPF): Variable: 80Hz to FULL (-12dB / 8th) Bass Boost: 0 to 10dB (50Hz) Input Impedance: 18K OHMS Short / Short Supply Protection System / High / Low Supply Voltage Maximum Supply Voltage: 16 VDC Consumption at rest: 1,70A Maximum Musical Power: @ 12.6VDC: 143.5A Maximum Sine Signal Consumption: @ 12.6VDC: 287A Dimensions (WxHxD): 229 x 65 x 186mm



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