TomTom GO 2535TM Window Suction Active Car Mount 1535 2405M 2435TM 2505M

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Genuine TomTom brand windshield ACTIVE mount for the TomTom GO series GPS models listed below. The active mount has a built in dock so you can connect a Mini-USB cable to the backside of the mount and not have to use a direct connecting cable like the one that comes with the set which is bulky and cumbersome. There is also an audio jack on the backside if you want to run it to another audio device! Mount features a ball mount so that you can swivel the GPS when mounted to the window and have the GPS face you when driving. To suction to your window, simply push the mount to your windshield and flip the latch to suction! Very easy to add or remove from your windshield, and even easier to insert or take off your GPS. Again this is the original genuine TomTom brand mount and NOT aftermarket. Works with the following TomTom GPS units: GO 1000 GO 1005 GO 1005 LIVE GO 1535 GO 1535M GO 2405 GO 2405M GO 2405TM GO 2435 GO 2435M GO 2435TM GO 2505 GO 2505M GO 2505TM GO 2535 GO 2535M GO 2535TM



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