Tune Trapper Hidden AM FM Motorcycle Trike Antenna

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Do away with ugly and inefficient antennas on your motorcycle. The Tune Trapper no ground plane design works well on motorcycles as well as all vehicles including fiberglass cars, boats, and rv’s where a good ground plane is non-existent. Most vertical whip antennas are a 1/4 wave ground plane. The TT is a full 1/2 wave helical dipole wound with responsive magnetic wire and requires no ground or power. Each TT is hand tuned to the FM Band 87.5-108 MHz with special instruments. The antenna is sealed in a unique pvc housing that is dirt and water resistant. The antenna is flexible to allow for bending to fit any fairing. The Tune Trapper is 24′ long x 1/2′ diameter with a center mount fitted with double side tape for attachment. The TT comes with 2 feet of 95% copper braid shielded coax cable which eliminates EMI noise. The cable has a Motorola connector that plugs directly into your radio. All connections are soldered and each antenna is individually tested. Quality Made in the USA. Guaranteed to Work. Will Last a Lifetime. Radios already have sensitive pre amps built in – they are just looking for a properly tuned antenna to make them rock.



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