Ultimate Addons Sucker Plus Dual Suction Cup Windscreen Mount for the Apple iPad (sku 10086)

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The Sucker Plus Mount incorporates our new PU coating on our popular dual sucker mount giving you a grip to glass, windows & windscreens like no other. All the convenience of a regular suction mount but with the added bonus of the Addons super PU grip. This special PU coating adheres to glass with ease. Each suction cup has an independent lever which when pushed down creates a vacuum and a release tab to aid removal. This flexible arm offers versatility coupled with a VERY reliable hold. Use on the front windscreen – ideal for larger vehicles, vans, MPV’s, people carriers, trucks, motorhomes & 4X4’s or attach to a side window for rear or boot seat passengers. Use in your caravan or campervan. This 11′ (28cm) goose neck arm offers flexible adjustment to suit all windscreen pitches. 360 degree pivot – view your iPad vertically or horizontally. Easy to use locking daisy wheel secures position. 2 x 2 3/4′ (7cm) PU coated suction cups The Sucker Plus Dual Suction Cup Windscreen Mount is supplied with a universal holding cradle that fits the Apple iPad & iPad 2 tablet PC. Height: Min. 130mm – Max. 210mm / Width: Min. 120mm / Depth: Min. 10mm – Max. 15mm (approx sizes) The cradle has padded support to protect & reduce vibration. An ultra strong construction, made with High Quality ABS Plastic. CE Approved RoHS Compliant To remove: lift up the lever and pull the release tab on the side of each suction cup to break the vacuum. Gently rock the mount at the base to disengage the PU’s grip. This mount is reusable and the suction cup are washable. If the suction cups become dusty or dirty simply rinse under a tap and leave to air dry. If you need to remove the mount from it’s position on a daily basis then we recommend using our regular Dual Suction mount which does NOT have the special PU coating.



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