Usmile LW1650 Portable Long Line shortwave antenna shortwave radio antenna for RTL SDR receiver shortwave radio stations

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This portable long line short-wave antenna is a simple suite, including all necessary kit. It is simple and easy to install. Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, widely used to receive short wave and medium wave as well as QRP radio station transmitting. Especially suited for camping, emergency communication, etc. (for long-term use, it need stronger wire and waterproof balun.) Easy to set up and no need to soldering. The antenna should be set up as high as possible. It must be away from buildings, trees or other large objects. An ideal place for the installation is about 25 square meter. If the place is not large enough, you can cut off the extra wire. But wires of the two sides of the antenna oscillator and the holder cannot be shorter than 3-4 feet. If the wires are still too long, you can shorten the antenna oscillator (but it will reduce the efficiency of the antenna). It would be a great idea to set up the antenna on the building roof, since the reinforced concrete floor can absorb some of the signal produced by domestic appliance in the building. Besides, open area is good for receiving signals. Best not to install the antenna between two buildings, since the reinforced concrete construction will block signals which could be also interfere ed by the one produced by domestic appliance in the buildings. Note: Be careful while set up the antenna. Specitication: Range: 1.6-50 MHz Impedance: 50 Ω Power: QRP < 5Watts Polarization mode: level Radiation direction: all directions Port: SMA /BNC Length: 16.2m Weight: 0.3kg Package includes: coaxial cable: 6m Wire :6mx2 Antenna oscillator: 16.2m Balun 9:1 SMA To BNC adapter



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