Vertix Velo Cycling Intercom (2 units) with Wireless Remote Control and Road Bike Headphones

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Riding out to a remote area where there is no network available? With Velo’s group chat capability for up to 4 riders, you can stay connected to each other with an individual range of up to 500m between 2 riders and a total distance of up to 1.5km for 4 riders within line of sight. Cyclists that are feeling tired and are panting can communicate in real time with ease and clarity to the other riders as the microphone is only activated by voice and unwanted noise are filtered out with the Cut-the-Noise technology used in the Velo. Enhance your safety on the roads when you ride with the Velo. Even when you are communicating with other riders or listening to music on a solo ride, environmental awareness is retained. The wireless design prevents the instance of dangling wires that may interfere with the safety and mobility of the cyclist. Incoming calls will be automatically put through after a few rings. Riders no longer have to fiddle with their phone while riding to take a call, making it safer and more convenient. The Velo is IP54 certified, offering protection from rain and also dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the Velo. Radiation emitted by the Velo is extremely low and safe to use. It has been tested and complies with the stringent specific absorption rating standards at the highest certified power level in lab conditions. The stylish design and unique mounting position does not introduce wind drag as it is positioned behind the helmet. Consist of: 2 Cycling Intercom (with mounting kit), 2 Wireless Remote Control (with mounting kit), 2 Road Bike Headsets (with mounting kit). CR 2032 battery not included.



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