Viofo A119 1440P 30fps Car Dash Camera (V2 Model) + 90 Degree miniUSB Adapter

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With a compact stylish design, the A119 can be mounted discreetly behind the windshield and is nearly invisible from the outside. The A119 applies the latest NTK96660 chip and OV4689 sensor, providing you with smooth HD 2K and 1080p @60fps video quality both night and day. Equipped with a F1.8 160 degree wide view-angle lens, the A119 will capture every detail in front of your windshield and never miss a frame. The A119 contains super capacitors instead of a battery. This allows for a higher temperature operating environment. With assistance from the latest HDR CMOS of the OV4689 sensor and F1.8 lens, the A119 has a much higher low-light sensitivity, offering you more fluid, saturated driving footage even in dark situations. With a rotatable lens, the A119 allows you to adjust the view angle from top to bottom, left to right, giving you maximum flexibility in finding the most appropriate shooting angle. With the exclusively designed CPL filter (optional accessory), the A119 will further reduce the reflections from your windshield. With the optional GPS logger, the A119 will support several features, including GPS logging, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and Current Speed. The A119 comes with 2 standard adhesive mounts (one is wedge shaped), dual USB car adapter (with long mini USB cable), short mini USB cable, 5 cable clips, mount detaching string, 1 extra 3M adhesive pad and manual/quick start guide. The A119 bundled with GPS is available in a different CYA listing. Now included with each A119 is a mini USB 90° adapter. This allows for a cleaner install of the non-GPS version. Also helps with the GPS version if you mount your A119 at the top of your windshield. Adapter provided by CYA only. Capture Your Action is an authorized Viofo dealer. **Current stock is all V2 (version 2) models. Please do not use SanDisk Ultra memory cards (the newer Ultra A1 series cards are fine though).



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