Xtreme LifeTM 720P Teddy Bear Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR HD

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COVERTLY RECORD THE ACTION AND VIEW IT ON SD CARD USING COMPUTER Undetectable & Secure Viewing Looking for a covert hidden camera to secretly keep an eye on your home or office? Then this Teddy Bear with DVR HD Hidden Camera is just what you need! We’ve fitted a high quality camera inside a Teddy Bear that is fitted with an in-built DVR. So you can see what happened from the secure Motion Activated recordings captured to SD. No Grainy Videos The camera for spying records video in multiple resolutions up to 720p, so you’ll manage to pick out the tiniest of details. With a record rate of 1GB every 30 minutes, the included micro SD card should hold hours of footage. And no idle footage of empty rooms will take up storage space thanks to the motion activated technology. That’s why you’ll love this spying camera: Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!



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