Purple And Blue Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitation in purple and blue will always impress all people you intent to invite. Combination of both colors can be done in different contrast with various paleness and darkness level. Check also the way ornaments or accessories presented in those colors. Both purple and blue have long been closely linked with romantic matter. In addition, we may think about a wedding invitation printed with lavender motifs. Contrast made with both colors also enable us to improve the appearance. Let for example the inside part has purple background while the cover uses blue. Some other ornaments might be included like ribbon, tape or decorative envelope.

As seen in the picture, the purple and blue wedding invitation looks so classy and elegant. Check more templates online and to your surprise, many styles are available and ready to inspire yours. Recheck them before sending to ensure that information like names, address, venue, and date have been written properly. Also, include your reply card with stamps to enable receiver responds your invitation comfortably.