Purple Wedding Cakes Pictures With Topping Flower


Silver And Purple Wedding Cakes

Purple wedding cakes present unique theme on a wedding party. This color has long been related with love and romantic meaning. Look at the picture. The great cake wedding using purple color can impress us so much. The love symbols are attached intertwining between dark and pale purple with ribbon encircling each cake layer. At the top we can see the purple roses making this cake so proper to the wedding theme. Rose ornaments seem to be so popular where combination with purple color is found everywhere. Take a look to the picture. There are many decors you may be inspired so far.

Purple Wedding Cakes

The combination between purple and white colors can be made from including several ingredients. Some berries flavor gives impressing purple color and the taste too.   Some frosting are great to serve with any other flavors while the cake itself contributes to brown color when we cut it. Other ornaments can be added inspired from plants, animals or other characters. Compare the pictures in this article and decide which one is seemingly the most appropriate with our imagination.

Purple Wedding Cakes Pictures

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