Five Natural Steps To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes  ? ~ Panda eyes are really disturbing particularly for aesthetical reason. It is common occurring both to male and female due to the thin flesh around eyes is very prone to change. This periorbital dark circles make person looks like having severe illness despite with his/her perfect health. The best way to tackle this problem is by preventive acts. Find the root causes and mostly said that the lack of sleep has played important role. So, for this purpose we can say five natural ways to relieve you from the dark circles under eyes.

Number one is that you need to get enough sleep. Perhaps you have been working so hard lately and stimulate the wake condition with more glasses of coffee or tea. It is the time for your eyes get the real vacation. Schedule your sleeping pattern and stick with that. At least you need to bring back 7 to 8 hours rule of daily sleeping. Some herbals will support you to give calming effect and bring you to sleep as quiet as baby.

Number two is treating any disorder related to eyes. Some people are sensitive to some allergens which induce symptoms to eyes are. Contact your doctor if it is too annoying. But for natural treatment, let your eyes to expose the allergens minimally particularly during pollen season. For eczema, should this occur to you, try anti inflammatory essential oils or some herbal creams to use directly on surrounding eyes skin. In addition, sun protection is important for your face and eyes so let the sun block p roduct do it for you.

Number three is related with diet. For such condition, you need nutrition more from some food sources rich of iron. The iron contributes to hemoglobin production and the more hemoglobin leads to more oxygen to be carried to all tissues hence relieving discoloration effect. Salt intake is also important to obtain particularly from natural ingredients. Potassium rich foods are also highly recommended to support your cell function.

Number four is compressing your eyes. Apply cool compress to the swollen and constricted blood vessels under eyes daily for about 10 to 30 minutes until the dark area get relieved. Some materials can be used like cucumber slices, tea bags, rose water, potato juice or else. Apply such natural ingredients directly and feel how your eyes to be refreshed and cooled down. Do this regularly while you are in recovering your normal sleeping pattern.

Number five is using essential oil. There are many types of essential oils we can apply for dark circles under eyes. Sometimes we need to dilute some drops of them into more water before applying to the eyes skin. Among popular essential oils are Rosemary,. Geranium, cypress, rosehip seed, and lemon oils which are containing important compounds for skin health. Since it is natural ingredients, use 100% of pure oils will be strongly recommended for maximum results. However, extra care should be applied particularly for sensitive area of eyes. It seems that using essential oil becomes most convenient way to remove dark circles under eyes and it is widely available in various brands and ingredients.