Russian Wedding Ring


Tiffany Russian Wedding Ring

Russian wedding rings have special patterns to celebrate their cultural heritage. As seen in photos, the elegance of wedding rings are exposed in materials to be used. Both silver and gold impress unique combination with other metals like platinum, palladium, or silver alloy. This is the way Russian wedding rings get their great color.  Meanwhile, the other rings have great filgree with twisting style to bring our imagination about traditional craft but made from silver or platinum. Russian wedding rings come with simple but unique styles to bring modern theme. Look at the picture, how this wedding ring also presents in different colors.

Russian Wedding Rings

Modern and dynamic couples would adore this beautiful wedding ring. Strength and seamless designs have made Russian wedding rings a priority. Despite seem so simple, they are difficult to make and newbee designers need years to master this technique. For inserting smaller stones to the small hole surrounding the rings a special technique is needed. It seems that basic pattern of Russia wedding rings enables more innovation to combine other stones to the ring. Just imagine colorful stones to decor a wedding ring. Some Russian designers did it.

Russian Wedding Ring Meaning

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