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 Wedding Rings Sears

Sears wedding rings come with luxurious design, combining various materials for shank ranging from gold, platinum, silver and alloys with various stones both used as mounting and beads. As seen in the picture, pair of wedding rings looks so classy where the headless is for men but the beads set surrounding the outer surface have enough chance to bounce light from every direction. While for women, it has a round mounting with two triangles served as shoulders. This also has so many beads to glorify every light fall upon.

Sears Jewelry Wedding Rings

Sears have various designs with sophisticated bending technique. Take a look to the picture. The shank is bent waving from the lower part shouldering to the mounting. In addition to white beads it has red ornaments too. Speaking of red beads, check the next picture out. This wedding ring is supported by three lines of shank with small red round beads set on the surface. The outer lines bend wider at the top to support the head where the crown sits. Other sears collection has more crystalline looks with a clear shank and the shoulders below the head. This one is so glassy. Sears also have more trimmer wedding rings collection  to impress modern style.

Sears Wedding Rings For Women

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