Simple Wedding Decorations

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This simple wedding decoration can be done by ourselves in home. Firstly, we need to prepare the space for the event and then making a plan according to the space availability. For a wedding moment, establishing a big tent will be great idea. Just let the moment is held in the front or backyard. Spacious place will enable us to work with various plan. Just check out the picture, how the big tent canopying the place where event will be held.

Underneath, some balloons hang to celebrate the moment. The colors seem so natural and at bottom set the tables and seats to accommodate all guests. Green clothes decorate the tables to look so beautiful. Pay attention to other elements to fit on this simple wedding decoration. The important thing is lamps. Put the lamps into most strategic place to make the event so romantic both for couples in wedding and for the audience. Check the galleries for more pictures. In addition, most decorators will offer the simple set of wedding decoration into their official offerings.