Square Wedding Cake Pictures

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 Three Tier Square Wedding Cakes

In addition to round shape, square wedding cakes have similar popularity. Look at the picture, how the beautiful white cakes are decorated in three stacks with flower ornaments above. Square shape is convenient to cut into smaller squares for all guests fairly. There are many ideas to inspire us in preparing square wedding cakes. Look at the pictures. It is so amusing with variations to the topping ranging from the simple one to the highly complicated. In addition to three-layer cakes some use single, double or even more than three layers. The more visitors, the more wedding cake size is.

Square White Wedding Cakes

In addition to serve the stacks of square wedding cakes, it is good idea to serve the cake with many smaller cupcakes to put surrounding it. To make the square shape cake we need a square pan to bake them in the oven. Equally important, the decoration process. For event like wedding ceremonies, expertise level requires is so high. The outer surface will be crafted into various designs. If you want to plan making the wedding cake by yourself, searching more pictures will be a great idea.

Square Wedding Cakes

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