Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

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Sunflower presents bright and beautiful yellow appropriate for a wedding bouquet. For some people, this remind them to the famous painting of Van Gogh or other classic paintings. It is true that sunflowers have been used as bouquet since classic era. Today we find them in numerous wedding ceremonies around the world both in pure materials and in combination with other flowers. The wide circle shape of sunflowers impresses great and glorious colors to the wedding tables. Check online some collections of sunflower wedding bouquet made by different florists. To this we might have more ideas even to do them by ourselves.

As seen in the picture, these sunflowers look so superior with their size compared with far smaller size of white flowers in the bundle. The yellow petals are so bright with the seed parts adding rustic style in most fashionable way. Such arrangement is made simple by white ribbon tie them up. Check more decorations to bring more ideas and inspirations. Sun flowers are relatively affordable and easy to combine with other flowers particularly those with smaller size. See more pictures in gallery.

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