Sunflower Wedding Shower Invitations

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Unique wedding shower invitation can be decorated with sun flower motifs. It is commonly used for wedding invitation so far due to its popularity both in daily life or in art. Sun flower presents glorious yellow color to express the cherish and joy of a special moment like wedding ceremony. Give sun flower wedding shower invitation and your future guests will be happy to receive it. Size and shape would also matter so consider number of people you intend to invite and your budget. Sun flower printing motif perfectly compensates small size of wedding shower invitation. Check more templates online and pick one of them.

As seen in the picture, the wedding shower invitation seems so great with one big sun flower printed in the right side. The wording is so simple and direct, sending strong message to all people invited. Try this one or look for different styles of sun flower templates. There are numerous motifs and shape available as simple as a beautiful card invitation. Check more pictures in gallery.