What A Wear to Tea Party Dresses For Bridal Shower ?


Tea Party Dresses ~ Tea party has long history we can date back around 18th century. At first, it was the party for royal or elite group of people where we could imagine women attending it used corset dress and rich of embroidery. Today tea party is held both in formal and informal occasion. During this party, people enjoy drinking best tea and eat some sweet dishes with full happiness. Imagine folk talk each other with beautiful and colorful dress. Designers indeed create special dress for tea party based on popular customs particularly in western world.

Look at the dress in the picture. The grey and black combination is tied with a beautiful decorated ribbon to imitate a belt above the waist. The short sleeve reflects the sociable nature of woman. Consider you wear this dress and conveniently chat with other. Floral motif is also common to be found in this dress design theme. About the under neck line, there are available V shape or horizontal shape enriched by beautiful lace. Check out more pictures in gallery. New ideas concerning with tea party dress continue to appear, however the old one would never truly be old.

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