Teardrop Wedding Ring

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 Teardrop Diamond Wedding Ring

Teardrop wedding rings have amazing design. So bright, so clear to bounce every light fall upon them perfectly. Take a look at the picture. This wonderful design impresses a classy and glorious diamond for the most seeking symbol of a wedding commitment. The shank splits into two branches at each shoulder ending to the head of rings. These branches have so many beads so do the heads where oval diamond (almost love shaped) is ready to impress eyes with perfect sparkling light.

Teardrop Wedding Ring

Next model has as glorious as the previous one. This time we see trimmer shank with the same idea to branch it up to the head. The slightly difference is this ring has bigger oval shaped head, more resembling love shape. Turn to the next picture. It is a ring with difficult crafting technique. We see the bending and twisting around its shoulder to support the head. Meanwhile, small beads spread neatly to strengthen the glow. Lastly, pay attention to the last picture. It has great head supported by seamless oval shank. This teardrop wedding ring has attracted so many experts around the globe.

Teardrop Wedding Rings

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