Three Great Benefits of Marula Oil For Skin

Marula oil seems so strange to most of our ears but should you know about its benefit, you would be more curious about it. Actually it is a fruit originated from southern Africa and for centuries it has been harvested for traditional remedies. Some cultures in Africa continent like in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique have used it as body lotion, body cleanser and even as baby oils
Long a part of diets, and for other purposes, in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, it’s been used to preserve meats, for a variety of cooking purposes, in cosmetics, to treat leather, and much more. The Tsonga people have used it in place of water for cleaning themselves, as a body lotion, and even as a massage oil for babies. In Southern Africa, it’s been a part of multiple beauty rituals for hundreds of years in order to protect the skin and hair from the harsh weather conditions in the country.

Chemically Marula oil has anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties thus it is good to reverse hoto damage, increase cellular activity and promote collagen production among numerous benefits it can give. So, let check some benefits of Marula oils as follow:

Number one, it protects us against environmental damage. Aging process is determined by some factors like exposures to UV rays, pollutions, smoke, artificial heating and cooling and so on. These factors are responsible for appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Since sunscreen application wouldn’t enough to protect skin Marula oil can be best solution since it also works during your sleeping for natural renewal process of skin. In addition, Marula oil great enough to handle emotional stress, hormones and fatigue so any hormonal changes with negative effect to skin can be prevented.

Number two is that Marula oil helps reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks and due to its rich essential fatty acid, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, prevention effect also occurs. In addition, application of Marula oil can heal and prevent any skin disorder like Eczema. Although many products are available on groceries and drugstores for relieving such disorders, most of them are petroleum based product which create barrier on skin. This barrier contributes to more dryness to skin because of air and moisture keeping out. For this purpose, Marula oil presents a healing effect to Ezcema while improves skin hydration. Some studies said that omega-6 fatty acids contained in Marula oils can reduce eczema symptoms.

Number three is Marula Oil contributes to flawlessly smooth and soft skin. It works by deeply penetrating skin even in the thickest area hence leading to improved skin firmness, smoothing out cellulite areas and minimizing pigmentation patches and scars. In addition, Marula oil is great for all skin types whether oily, normal or sensitive due its rich oleic acid content for beautiful and healthy skin. This ingredients helps to retain moisture and fight free radicals that threaten your skin. Its anti aging property is due to full of omega oils and fatty acid plus vitamin C and E inside to combat free radical effect.